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About Website Screenshot Generator

Free Website Screenshot Generator Tool

The online website screenshot generator enables you to quickly capture any web link and provides a screenshot or thumbnail. This free screenshot capture tool is very simple and easy to use all you have to do is provide any website url and it will do the rest of the work by itself and let you save the image in jpeg format. If you want to save website screenshot in responsive enviornment then you can use website screen resolution simulator tool. We don't paste any watermark on images so you can use the captured images on any social media you want.

Why Do You Need Website Screenshot Generator Tool ?

Taking Screenshot is most common task we do on daily basis, it would come in handy more if you run a blog, work as guest blogger or you have pinterest board to pin images. Captured Images can be more useful on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.

About WordPress Screenshot Generator

This is a free WordPress tool that helps you to wrap your WordPress site / WordPress blog screenshots in your favorite mobile devices! You can get a snapshot, thumbnail for WordPress site screenshot with the awesome tool! This is 100% free for all our dear followers!

After adding your WordPress site click submit button and save your screenshot to your desktop, that's it.