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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker tool

Online Server Status Checker tool is a bulk input tool which takes upto 100 URLs and shows their server status that the server is online or offline and what is the response time of the server.

This tool is very important tool to check the server status and the response time, if the response time is very large then it is a matter of worrying because your website will then opens slowly which is not a good practise in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

Website speed matters and hence it is dependent upon the server response time. 

Website speed can also be checked from Webpage Speed checker, this tool doesn't checks the server speed but it checks the webpage speed as how the webpage or the website is responding. 


If your website server is performing well, and your webpage is slow working, then speed up your website by analysing your site with Webpage Size Checker which will show the result that your website page size is optimized or not.

About WordPress Server Status Checker

With this tool, you can check your WordPress server status online for free. This is useful tool when your site down or online with new modules, pages and posts.

After ading your website URL click submit button and check HTTP code, Response Time and server status. Also you can check multiple domain names but please Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line).